Goons in Green?

Nope not a copy of another kottu blogger just reading his post and speculating…

Today i got stopped at a check point on a lovely road overlooking the sea. The asked my driver out of the vehicle to open the boot. The van had a few shoes here and there in the back seat and they just inspected the boxes. He picked up the shoes and starting joking with his men whether it will fit the only female office in that check point. I turned around and for about a few minutes we shared a few laughs about whether the  shoe will fit her and if we’re going to sell it to her for a good price. At that moment we all laughed and joked as human beings, as Sri Lankans. Soon he sent us off without even checking my ID. The only guy who missed out the fun was the guy behind the barricade.

This cop experience was much better than the one i had last week.

I was copped the usual routine check. The cop looked new. In his early 20’s no extra badges on his uniform. The other two officers were also new. Both of them from the STF armed with high powered rifles. The asked me to get out of the vehicle and he kinda regretted it when he realized i was about a foot taller than him. They checked the front seat, the doors, the cubby, under the seat, under the cubby and he even put his fingers into the tape player. The other guy was harassing my driver to open up the boot. Once he did they checked everything. Even under the carpet and inside the speakers. He sent me off soon. Disappointed that im not a terrorist or remotely close to one. All this without a smile.

We cant exactly blame the police for being bitter. They’re probably frustrated that they’re stuck in Colombo with nothing to do but check vehicles. Imagine every time a bomb goes off every police officer at a check point feels like shit cause who knows the vehicle they didn’t check well enough might have carried the bomb. And if they did they probably would have saved lives.

Some are bitter some are nice. Whatever mood they are. Just let them do their job and get on with your journey 🙂


2 thoughts on “Goons in Green?

  1. I think its just the STF is more intense and battle hardened coz of their training… they are porbably in combat mentality all the time and don;t really think about PR at all… can’t really blame them STF guys are real tooth and nail fighters that never back down can’t equate them to a bunch of coppers standing around the corner of street…

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