Just a while back a very close friend of mine told me what i wanted to hear. I already knew it but i wanted to hear it from someone else so that im not the only one who thinks that of me.

I asked her what do you think of me

And she told me the exact same thing i see when i look in the mirror. And the answer i give myself is the truth. And she confirmed it.

I know im not a good person. And i know exactly why. But theres nothing i can do about. I dont want to hide behind who i really am. All those movies of “Be yourself” make sense now.

The only way you can feel happy and good about yourself is if you be yourself and are happy with yourself. If you can do that and not lie to yourself and who you are. Then your probably not that bad afterall.

Day in and day out she looked into the mirror,

Asking who was the fairest, The answer will not differ.

She knew she was the fairest, Everyone did

But she wanted to hear it everyday or from someone else who will.

Soon the mirror got old and it would not answer,

She thought that she must not be the fairest anymore.

And on her dying bed she asked all whom she loved,

“Tell me Am i the fairest?”

We won’t beat around the bushes, We’ll tell you the truth.

There has never ever been anyone else fairer than you.

Her heart finally accepted the truth, She smiled in her last second

Finally finding peace with who she really was. The fairest one to walk her kingdom


6 thoughts on “Confirmation

  1. Interesting post! I very much agree with the being yourself theme, and if people don’t like it, they are free to leave. In the natural order of things, you are going to gravitate towards people who are like you to begin with. Or whose personalities are complimentary to yours. It aint school anymore and boy am I thankful!

  2. It is a lucky few that are truly @ peace with who they really are, for that matter its an even fewer lucky few that actually know who they are.

  3. Listen for the sound of your own silence, and there you’ll find perfect harmony!

    Something i read somewhere… Each time i remember and think about it a different interpretation comes to mind. Hope it gives you more clarity than it did me.

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