Sri Lanka vs India Match 3

I went to watch the Sri Lanka vs India 3rd ODI match on sunday. It was planned the day before. I didnt even realize India was still in the country now ill have to be more cautious while walking on the road in the night.

It was a glorious (when i mean glorious quite hot and sweaty)  Sunday afternoon (12:01)  when we got to the stadium. Our seats were located upstairs in the 750 block. Next to Sri Lanka’s only Lankan advertising agency who seemed to have bought all the seats the same way they do at the chillies.

The match began at 2.30; The stadium was packed with Lankans waving flags of red and gold. Scattered around here and there were a few orange, green and white flags. There was even an Australian Flag! That kangaroo lover must have gotten lost after leaving the bar.

I sat in the front most row. Away from the frisky boys and girls i call friends. I came to watch the cricket match not them being frisky. If i wanted to see friskiness ill watch Sirasa TV. The Match began to get intense. I watched anxiously as our lankans bowled. Giving a little bit too many extras and bowling a bit too close to the bat. By siting in the front seat i had to occasionally tell by passers to keep moving because i didnt pay (well i actually didnt) to look at their passe pathes’. If i wanted to look at passe pathes’ again ill put Sirasa TV.

You could notice that the crowd was not upbeat. Even with the papare music and the beer the cricket match was missing its newest motivator. The Cheerleaders! If i had paid to get in i would have felt ripped off. The stages were still there but they were occupied by my worst nightmare. Sri Lankan cheerleaders. Not the duplication road kind. The girls on the stage were actually guys by the name of “Percy and his drunk friends”. I see the cricket board did not read my post.

The Indians were thrilled with Dhoni’s performance. So were some of the Lankan Ladies who wanted him to score a century just so he would take his helmet off. Women. One Indian guy was so drunk he tried to grab a Lankan Lady and kiss her. What happened next was unpleasant….

They let him get away.

The match was almost over. Mahela did his best. Soon you could see who the real lankan supporters were. As soon as Mahela got out 95% of the Sri Lankan supporters left leaving behind 80 of us “hardcore Lankan cricket fans” and the Indians who would literally die for cricket.

I said once before that no Sri Lankan party can be complete without a fight. Let me rephrase. No Sri Lankan event where Sri Lankans meet more Sri Lankans can be complete without a fight. No lets not beat the Indians lets beat each other and then get owned by the cops… Sigh.

So in the end we lost the match by 33 runs. I wasnt on TV. I was really hungry. No hot chicks. All in all it was what i was expecting.


4 thoughts on “Sri Lanka vs India Match 3

  1. dude.. came to that match btw one of PErcy’s drunk male friends made out with a guy dressed as a gilrl on the platform… extremely gross man

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