The Beijing Olympics 2008

When i first heard that the Olympics were going to be in China i freaked. China is not exactly great on the international understanding. I was in China a couple of years ago and i experienced their racism first hand. We were at a junction waiting for our tour bus to come pick us up when suddenly this car just stops in front of us, a Chinese guy gets out of the car walks straight at Rahul (easily the darkest guy of the group) and goes all Bruce Lee on him and walks off. We were in such shock that we didn’t even react! What a country.

Week 1 Olympics start. An American tourist was stabbed to death and the Chinese guy who did it killed himself rather than letting the authorities release him for serving his country kill him. A true patriot.

Loads of Olympians failed the drug test. Yeah you guys really should have gone to the opium bars after your events 😉

Apparently loads of sex is happening at the Olympics. Girls and guys with that stamina who wouldn’t want to jump a few bones.

Now about our Sri Lankan Olympians :

Susanthika : Her arms maybe bigger than mine. Not the greatest legs

Anruddha Rathnayake : I got sick of seeing his face everyday to work. I know MAS loves boxers. They import them but wasting so much money on a single person who doesnt even make it past the second round.

Daniel Lee : He did well, Im not saying that cause i schooled with him but seriously he did very well especially for that age.

The Weightlifter guy : Power World and Samaposha will be proud.

The next Olmypics is to be in London. I know alot of people who’d probably go there. For sure this time a French guy will be killed.


5 thoughts on “The Beijing Olympics 2008

  1. yes the rahul thing is true.
    and he didnt try he did. and he got away with it.

    yes poojitha thats true but for a country that has no ethnic conflict with blacks they’re being racist out of pure personal spite.

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