No I dont want Sri Lankan Cheerleaders

Dinidu mentioned in his post about replacing our lovely Russian cheerleaders with Sri Lankan ones! I greatly disagree.

Firstly these girls are doing a good job. I’ve never seen the crowd more motivated. It makes the Appu Army’s job alot easier.

Secondly the russians are doing a much more legal job that what they normally do. They will be too tired after dancing their asses off (literally) at the match that they wont be able to work the night shift. And if they do they will be drained of their mojo which will result in an unhappy customer.

Thirdly around one third of Sri Lankan women don’t take care of them hygienically. Im not dissing anyone but thats how it is. I really don’t think any of the women i know who do or dont take care of themselves will wear those tiny things and dance in front of a huge male population. Every time we hit a 6 and the cheerleaders imitate the umpires a large number of the crowd would faint.

Fourthly everyone is making money. They’re making money for dancing, the cricket board is making money for people coming to watch the match and the girls, and the cricketers are making money for playing. The only people who lose are the people who buy the tickets to watch the match and the girls.

Concluding, I rather have the russian cheerleaders. I really dont see the fuss the JHU and the pornographic committe are having. Its making alot of people happy.


11 thoughts on “No I dont want Sri Lankan Cheerleaders

  1. lol, I do agree.. They do make and help others make a lot of money… as for Sri Lankan cheerleaders… oh please… get a life!

  2. what i mean sam is that. the cheerleaders are meant to motivate the people in the 500 and 750 crowd. so the people who come for that will be twice as happy as they get a cricket match and a free show.

    although its the same as going to a strip club and watching the cricket match from a tv πŸ™‚

  3. ohh i like this idea.. watching a cricket match at a strip club.. where can we find a cricket club on that nature.

    i say.. maybe the cricket club should have a shady underground version.. if you give the correct passphrase you get to go to the fun bar and watch the match πŸ™‚

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