Blind Love and an Insight to Dinidu’s Love

Nope not Love is blind. I mean Blind Love.
When my sister first started going online and started chatting to all these boys from colombo i was sure something stupid/funny/annoying/dangerous was going to happen. And it did.
A boy fell in love with my sister over the internet. Mind you that he hasn’t even met or seen my sister. If he did she would have run away in the opposite direction and he would do the same except faster. He even had the nerve to send her flowers.
Me being muslim and having alot of guy friends and owning a van which we go around and hang at places like Pilawoos it was natural that i had to see what this boys problem was. I met him after he got over my sister realized his mistake and froze when he met me. Must have been my size…

I really don’t get how someone can be attracted to another person without even meeting them. Anybody can be anybody online! I’d rather meet a person. Hang out for a bit. Party, go out with them before having any feelings for them. It’s absurd. Well i find it absurd.

Now a story about a fellow blogger :

Recently Dinidu also sent flowers to my sister. after probably meeting my sister twice. It was something i laughed off since i was older now and really didn’t have the van at the moment and the boys were off at work. It was farewell flowers so yeah what the fuck.
Then i was reading the mirror magazine and he actually wrote an article about proposals and how it worked in Sri Lanka. He finished off the article saying he wouldn’t mind getting hitched to my sister “a really good looking, extremely intelligent budding young photographer based in Mumbai”. I called him up and we just laughed about it.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens to the two of them 😉


10 thoughts on “Blind Love and an Insight to Dinidu’s Love

  1. ooohhh… Dinidu’s been busy I see..;)

    as for the falling in love online part – I think it’s more of an infatuation. It can happen. We tend to fall for the online personality of the person and sometimes get too dragged down about it..

    so yea – sometimes it works wonders.. other times, shit happens….

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