Gents Night

Ladies Night was first invented for women to come and have a quiet drink without getting hit on. The nights consisted of free booze and games and hot make out sessions etc etc. Now just to make an extra buck the fellows had to pay. Thats alright but quota it. Then they decided the money is good and decide to let anyone in who pays. The poor girls. They can’t have hot make out sessions dance without being video taped.

Yesterday i went to the famed “Ladies Lock Down” of Zanziba. Well the named it right because all the girls were locked together by a throng of guys! There were around 65-70 % of guys and the remaining girls. Zanziba is pretty small so it was worse as everyone was packed in. I didnt pay to get in to have my crotch rubbed by a guys ass while i moved it to the bar.

I preferred Ladies Night before where the women walk in free and if guys want to come in the have to come in couples (meaning female companion) so the crowd was 80% women and the rest were guys. Colombo Night Life is now starting to go downhill.


2 thoughts on “Gents Night

  1. the blue used let guys in after midnight, but that was also members or hotel guests only. club owners now just do anything to get people in. women should just stop going.

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