Sandun De Silva – Sri Lanka’s P.Diddy

If Sandun De Silva went for a job interview his CV, working experience and his past working examples would probably outnumber the files and folders in my office. Hes a chef, a model, a photographer, an actor, a teacher and a designer. Theres probably more “ers” in that list but i can’t be bothered about with it.

I first knew him as a cook seeing him here and there and i saw his blog on It was cool something nice to look at during the fasting season. Then Ford came to this country and hired Sandun to take pictures of our lovely ladies. I didn’t know he was a photographer until then. The only photo’s I’ve seen of his are his pictures of food which he puts up on his blog. His photography i must say is quite good. Not as good as the other photographers you find on kottu but still decent. He did take pictures for Ford didn’t he.

He apparently teaches at the Academy of Design. That okay since someone who is exposed to the whole modeling and fashion photography world he probably threw in a few ideas of his own. So yes he is now a Designer. Soon we’ll be seeing “Sand Rocks” Jeans around Colombo parrarel to Hollywood’s Sean John’s

Sandun who is currently a Chef/Model/Photographer/Designer/Teacher hasn’t had enough! He needs to do something else so that he can prove to Sri Lanka he is the ultimate multi tasker. He becomes an actor.

Staring in a movie called “Bloodline” which involves him running around the beach in undies fighting warriors with plastic swords. This has just made Sandun something P.Diddy isnt. An Actor. Though i beg to differ.

When is Sandun going to stop? What will he be next? A producer? A restaurant owner (Sandy’s)? President?!

All we can do is wait and see and Sandun De Silva becomes Sri Lanka’s Entrepreneur.


10 thoughts on “Sandun De Silva – Sri Lanka’s P.Diddy

  1. I THINK what Slotter is trying to say is that Sandun will be like Hancock. Something like a super hero everyone hates. Too bad he killed a superb Nirvana song to make his point though. Nice post.

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