Smoothie for a Cancer

ADrink Me if your sick

Drink Me if your sick

I came across this one fine afternoon at a respectable restaurant/cafe. Who the hell even thought of these drinks. I’m sorry i read medical magazines the newest medical treatment for Cancer is Nanobots and those still haven’t been perfected! but these guys have gone through a medical break through where cancer patients should drink Carrots and Parsley to get better. If i had Cancer i would drink something nicer like a chocolate sundae cause drinking something where vegetables are mixed together will probably kill me faster than Cancer, and anyway I like chocolate.

They really should put a disclaimer at the bottom for people who might actually take this seriously (This is Sri Lanka there are people like that) such as : DOES NOT CURE ANY OF THE ABOVE AILMENTS

This is my revised version of the menu :

For headache : Panadol, Cafe Del Mar

For Cancer : Consult a doctor, we specialize in making small portions not curing the incurable

For Alergies : Find out what your alergy is. If you are alergic to carrot dont drink this you might die.

For Alzheimer’s Disease : If you dont know if you have Alzheimer’s or you dont remember dont try this drink

For Arthiritis : Comes with a straw.


4 thoughts on “Smoothie for a Cancer

  1. Your diet is an important part of your treatment for cancer. Eating the right kinds of foods before, during, and after your treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger.

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