After reading Dinundu’s post about freedom and Sri Lanka i realized how right he was.

I remember my maid telling me that a few years back that she and he family would hop on a train from their town in the hill country and come to colombo just to go to Galle Face. It was the only trip that they ever made and it was for a few hours at something we pass and just glance at. Some of them have never seen the sea! I remember when the were re doing Galle Face Green, so many people anticipated what was coming next. And when i did open people flocked to the newly made Galle Face Green a place where people who earn 200 rupees a day to feed a family of 7 can come from the different parts of the Mango Island to see the city and its sea. It may not be a great sight for us but its extraordinary for them. My maid said how amazed she was to see the tall buildings (which we hate to work in) and fancy cars (which we say is too costly to drive) and good roads (which we complain is bad).

Its something that people who dont have much appreciate, even if we dont.

Colombo has so many beautiful things to photograph. Myself as a photographer would love to take pictures of the old Parliment or the streets of Pettah but nope. if i swipe my camera out ill be thrown in Jail. Its already happened to me before. I was in Mount testing my new camera to pass the time and some guy called the cops. I was thrown behind bars for 6 hours until my dad cleared the whole scene up. They thought i was taking the pictures to sell to the LTTE. Which never happened. Like i dont have better things to do. Worst part. Two Weeks later a bomb goes off in the same location. Talk about coincedence πŸ˜‰


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