Street Kings?

Even if u have watched the movie or not its ok to read this. It may ruin some parts but you may be thanking me after your done watching this movie.

I watched Street Kings recently. The first thing that catches your eye is the cast. Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Cedric the Entertainer, Terry Crews and The Game. Ok so the game isn’t known for his acting but hes still a celebrity. Top class cast. I was like “wow this is gonna be an awesome movie!” i was deeply disappointed so was the DVD store guy when i typed the name on my phone and put the DVD down.

So it finally downloaded i was quite thrilled. So the movie starts with Reeves waking up with a gun in his hand, very I-Robotish, gets in his car and drives to the store to get some airplane vodka bottles. Hes driving a sexy black Dodge Viper (am i right?) pulls up to meet some Koreans whom he greets with a “sayanora”. The wanted a machine gun, something they can carry around, Reeves the weapon seller gives them a Anti Aircraft Gun which u normally find in the back of a truck. So the gun is stuck so they beat Reeves up and takes the car and the gun. My favourite scene from that is where he says “You dress like whites, talk like blacks, drive Italian cars i dont know where the fuck your from”

So he walks to their house. Locates his car takes an armour jacket and a pistol from it. Goes inside shoots one guy on the couch and the other who was sitting in the toilet. A third guy shoots him on the side with a shot gun but he didnt die it would have been better cause of his bulletproof jacket. He kills everyone frames them as if they shot each other goes to another room “finds” a hidden compartment where two asian girls are hidden.

So he saves the day the bad guys got killed since they shot first blah blah he didnt do anything. This is where Forest Whitaker comes. Hes the head cop and also the bad guy, who didnt see that one coming. Hes acting is good, it always is theres a Oscar on his office that says so. He’s like a father to Reeves and so the whole thing is sorted out. Incoming Office Washinton Reeves ex partner who is selling him out to Internal Affairs for being a bad cop. So yeah, blame the blackest black guy.

Reeves is in a hospital now to remove his bullet wound. He demands his hot, cute latino nurse to nurse him and will bleed to death if she doesnt come. While he waits for her Hugh Laurie appears.

He’s some head of Internal Affairs and is hunting Reeves. Reeves didn’t know that until hes body gaurd another familiar actor calls him and hes badge shows when he gets up. He leaves. Hot Latin nurse comes in he flirts she flirts they make out for one side of the ward to see.

So you meet the rest of the gang who are all famous actors or seen them in the back ground actors. So some ha ho happens and Washinton is dead while Reeves was helpless standing next to him. So BAM Reeves kills him and he decided to find the killers. Theres something about his dead wife as well. So he goes through this huge process of chasing black guys around the ghetto and finally he finds his 2 killers…who are already dead. Conspiracy thickens. Oh and did i mention he now joined forces with the only good cop in the force? Shame he dies.

So they do all this detective work (man hunts, stake outs, car chases etc) and they finally find the two guys supposedly behind it. They go undercover as drug dealers to meet them. But then something happens and the good cop (Disco) and Cedric the Entertainer die. Reeves survives, again. Shame

He goes back to his Latinas place to take refuge as he has now been branded as a cop killer. Remember the two guys who kill Cedric the Entertainer and Disco. Well they were cops! or not. Im not sure i think it was the other two guys who they found dead.

Suddenly the door bursts open and the Latin American guy from Prison Break and some other guy bust in and cuff him and leave. In the car they explain that they were the ones behind it. Why do bad guys do that? When bad guys they explain that they did something bad something bad happens to them. This results in death for those two. Reeves finds the third rotten cop who was once his friend and breaks his arm and i think kills him they dont show that. He then confronts Whitaker, Forest seems concerned but then sends a message to his croonies phone which Reeves has. It says “Hes here kill him! Bring some bacon as well!” so Reeves goes crazy and beats him up. They’re rolling around a punch here, a bitch slap there and then Reeves cuffs him to the banister.

Whitaker reveals his secret for why he is the King. Break open the wall. Theres lots and lots and lots and lots of money. Thats his power, i was expecting Krypotonite or something cooler. but no he has the same thing almost every American has.Reeves then shoots him.

Soon hes standing on the balcony and out of nowhere beemed from the Heavens itself ; a black guy with a shot gun. Oh its Lauries bodygaurd. Soon he starts the usual convo saying how he knew  it was Whitaker all along and that he needed someone from his own crew to get him. The End

Ok why was it called Street Kings again? I thought Street Kings would mean Gang violence and drive bys not curropt cops and almost the whole cast dying. sigh

ill give this a 4/10


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