Anyone who can read has read atleast one comic in their life. Whether it was in the Newspaper or from a bookstore they have read one for sure. There are so many comics that have been written but the best from the rose tinted view are as follows

Garfield : The story of a fat cat who lives with a very stupid human master and a permanently salivating dog called Odie whom he kicks off the table when he has the chance. Lasagna and can openers are common.

Andy Capp : English Humor, Annoying wife, A classic. First appeared on Newspapers which then moved onto becoming a full published book.

DC Comics : My favourite action comics. They first started with Super Man who was a comfort to kids during the World War. Soon Batman followed to be the darkness in the DC World. Characters such as The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Robin, etc etc. Their Series such as JLA, JSA and Outsiders i also enjoy. Their Art work is well illustrated and its well written. Almost all of the stories intervene.

Pearls Before Swine : A newly found comic book about a cunning rat, a stupid big, a zebra who fears crocodiles, crocodiles who come on and off, lions who are friends of zebras and crocodiles and an occasional human or two.

Marmaduke : I love the one frame-ers you get on the papers. His lack of words make up for the funny comments written at the bottom. He really needs to find out more about himself.

Peanuts : Who can forget the legendary Snoopy and his master Charlie Brown. Characters such as blanket dragging linus and woodstock add to the funny pile.

Tin Tin : Probably one of the best comics written so far, based on the adventures of Tin Tin a young…wait what does he do again ah a reporter? and his friend Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus. Other characters such as Thompson and Thomson the dynamic detective duo and Smithers the butler.



Archie Comics : An American Teen Magazine that revolves around the life and adventures of Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle and Forsythe “Jughead” Jones. I used to go to Vijitha Yapa and read all the comics they had, For 9 years and counting.

Calvin and Hobbes : Who doesn’t love the hyperactive 2nd grader and his stuffed Tiger which comes to life in his imagination as his best friend. Its quite interesting to see his view into life.

These are my fav’s other comics such as X-Men and Wizard of Id are also on the list but they have never had an impact on me such as these. Any day i can read the comics above and smile, laugh or even picture myself gliding with Batman.


12 thoughts on “Comics

  1. I wonder if you can remember “.Blondie” a.k.s Dagwood and Blondie and “Bringing up Father” a.k.a Jiggs and Maggie. Those were cool comics.

    You know since you like DC Comics, I hope you’ve had a chance to read “The Sandman” series they published in the 80’s. That was some of the best stuff Ive read in comic form or otherwise. Also Frank Miller’s work (The Dark Knight series + Sin City Series) is great too.

  2. Calvin and Hobbes. All the way πŸ™‚

    Hobbes : Did u make any new year resolutions?

    Calvin : Heck no. i am fine just the way i am. why ‘I’ change??? How about you, did you make any resolutions?

    Hobbes : I had resolved to be less offended by human nature but i think i blew it already.

    and Peanuts. read Zits if u get your hands on them.

  3. my idol is garfield hehee! I have loads of archie comics and about 3 superman (wanna borrow? πŸ˜‰ ) aaand oh peanuts is cutesy. although Charles Shultz suffered from depression, thats y charlie is almost always sad and looking for an answer. :I

  4. haha Garfield is beyond awesome πŸ˜›
    I have a book load of Andy Capp πŸ˜€
    must find it…

    and who doesn’t love Archie comics (:
    never liked Peanut though =/

    check out V for Vendetta
    I have it in .jpg though the quality isn’t THAT great
    still readable
    fuckin’ AWESOME xD

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