Before i start i would like to point out that this article is not demeaning, im not a snob its just what i’ve come across and experienced πŸ™‚

So back again at McDonalds (alot of my inspiration comes from there, and weight) where i come to get my Chocolate Sundae. Its close to work the sundae is good what the fuck? So i waited and watched as the girl jumped the McHandle again and i heard this from my left

I can give you cock… at that present moment my heart stopped, my eyes widened and my epiglottis tried to stiffle a giggle but then when she continued i realized what she was on about.

…..Fanta or iss-sprite

Then i realized she meant Coke as in Coca Cola as in that drink that kills your stamina and erodes you teeth and rust nails. The completing of the sentence triumphed my epiglottis and i laughed. Boss who was next to me also laughed and called me a snob. If i remember correctly you were laughing at how when she had to get to ‘Fife Road’ she was take to ‘Pipe Road’ which is ironically the same place!

Imagine if you were foreign:

– Hi my name is Sam

– Machangs this is “Iss Sam”

– No no its Sam

– Iss Sam

And they wonder why our tourist industry suffers

Im still not considered a snob, Im a normal guy


12 thoughts on “Sri-Glish

  1. Hey man I’ve been to a few Mcdonald’s areound the world and I can tell you every one has their own lil twist. In Jamaica the accent is soo heavy and times they speak patwa, in Hong kong it’s the oriental accent can you imagine that asking you if you want cheese on your big mac? But yeah I know exactly what you mean about our cok and isprite…

  2. Booo! πŸ˜› Snob!

    Do u know HOW hard it is to correct that “IS” sound in kids?! (Coz am a part time elecution teacher).. have to just keep repeating /// over and over until they get it.

    Also the “Have” aaand tamil kids who drop the “H”..


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