Cramps,Parties and Goodies

So yesterday i partied until 1 in the morning. I would have partied longer but dad was coming from the country and had to be there when he arrived home with his Santa Sack/Suitcase full of goodies.

The party was good. The cake was orgasmic it was like eating a caked Snickers bar. The food was also nice but it didnt really fill me up. The spread was quite perverted in a way. Sausages, Meat Balls, Chick Legs, Spring rolls wtf? For the most of the party i dancing. Danced so much i suffered a cramp and was unable to go to work today.

10.45 – Mum calls telling me to come home.

11.30 – She calls again i said ill be coming soon

12.01 – Rahuls Birthday we all hugged him on the dance floor

12.27 – Mum calls again telling me to come home and that dad was already there. She was bluffing

12.46 – i leave Pilawoos since i did get cold feet, what if she wasn’t lying The ice milo was fine thank you.

01.13 – I reach home to find out that mum was actually lying and dad wasnt there yet

02.45 – Dad arrives. First thing he says : “Ah your up!”

The Goodies:

500 GB external Hard Drive 🙂

Toiletries such as shower gel and toothpaste


A pair of Converse Shoes that sadly dont fit me. They’re the camouflage type as well 😦

These sexy rubber slippers that feel like your walking on air but sound like metal while climbing down the stairs, not good to wear when going for a late night snack.

Overall i liked what i got. At the moment im transfering all my stuff from the PC to the Hard Drive.

So shoo dont bug me fly


3 thoughts on “Cramps,Parties and Goodies

  1. haha
    lucky you 😦
    what’s the shoe size?
    you selling them? 😛

    hahahahaahah the bit about the slippers made me laugh xD
    well at least if you’d wear those you’d shed a few pounds ;P

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