I just got back from a lonely lunch at McDonald’s and i noticed alot of interesting things. Especially the fact that Old McDonald loved his name so much that he decided to “Mc” everything. A real son of a McBitch

its trainee season which means there are a minimum of three behind the cash register when you need only one. The best looking girl from them starts the convo by saying

“Hello, Good Afternoon Sir how may i help you?”

‘Tell the guy behind you who’s picking his nose to stop’ was my first thought but sadly thats not what i said.

While i repeated my order for the second time and the poor cashier looked around the touch screen panel in frustration for “Chocolate Sundae”. If there was no “McTrainee” badge on her shirt i probably would have gotten pissed.

After the order was finally registered McNose picker goes and takes my food from the tray. It took time as he still hadn’t learn to associate ‘colour coded wrappers’ to Mcburgers. After a series of mix ups he found my food. Remembering where his fingers had been i thanked God for the McPaper covers around them.

The other guy to the McCashiers left was attempting to put my ice cream in a cup. Its not that hard. Put cup under dispenser,press button, swirl until cup is full. He on the other hand made my sexy soft ice cream mountain into a desert dune. But i didnt get mad as he made up for it by putting a large amount of chocolate sauce. I dont think he realized that it comes so slowly that he jumped the McHandle a few too many times.

While sitting down and enjoying my well sought out meal which my excavation team took so long to find i ate it slowly to savor it. Across me was this happy couple but since they’re in McDonald’s they are now a McCouple. Normal looking guy who works from nine to five so he can take his average looking girl on a romantic date to McDonald’s. Its like watching those Indian McDonald adds on TV where apparently the food is so good you dont need sex to convince a person nowadays to do something for you.

I noticed a large amount of McActivity happening under their table. It began heating like the Chicken McSpicy with every bite they took. She was happily going at his Happy Meal in front of many people including what looked like a 10 year old with her grandmother who coincidently at that time was licking an ice cream cone. He already had his hands on her burgers both the Big Mac and the Little Mac.

She continued to McHim under the table and it was getting more heated so he called a McTrainee (since he obviously couldn’t stand up) and ordered two McCoffees. Probably a reason to keep going at for longer in a Family Restaurant mostly populated by Children.

Soon i was done eating and got up to leave i noticed he looked relaxed and pleased tho i don’t think the Happy Meal did that to him.

McActivity is actually a series of games they have planned for Kiddies Birthday Parties


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