The Diffuse Project

A project inspired by the bombs currently going off now in Sri Lanka. Its started by two people Saidomar and Moli they go around Colombo sticking posters of bombs in random places. Once they find these secretive yet public places they stick the stickers and they then take a picture of it and upload it onto their facebook group with a clue to where it is.. From then onwards the members of this group have to be responsible Colombians and find these bombs as fast as possible and take a picture of them and upload that picture on the group captioned “Diffused”. Once you have completed that you will recieve your very own “bomb” in the mail which you have to stick up somewhere considered secretive-public and the cycle continues. The purpose of this interactive street art project is to make people aware of whats going on and to bring some semblance of control albeit metaphorically.

I was the first person to diffuse a bomb well thats because I take a shit with my camera in a public bathroom am a responsible Sri Lankan who cares for the welfare of those around him. 🙂

The group isn’t getting much attention so why not be a responsible Lankan and join the group and when you see one of these “bombs” dont call the bomb diffusal just take a picture of it.


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