Stood Up

Shes very late no time to rest

Thats what it took to clear her desk

Reaches home as fast as she can

Into the shower and into her very best dress

She calls a cab and waits by the door

She waits impatiently she was supposed to be there by four

As the yellow cab pulls up

She jumps in and tells the driver not to stop

She reaches her destination five minutes later

She looks at the mirror to arrange her dress better

She keeps both eyes out for her man

She wonders if he remembered the plan

Five minutes pass by then and hour or so

Her eye twiching back and forth from the door

Her blood red nails tap the wooden table

Her temper, wrath and anger begin to enable

One by one people leave the restaurant

The waiter feeling for her asks if there is anything more that she wants

Finally she gets up and decides to go

Erasing him from her mind, throwing him out the window

Tears down her cheeks she walks back home

Back to her world. Back to all alone


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