The Missing Sandwich – Found?

Kottu is the biggest Sri Lankan Blogroll it hosts a large number of different people with different intelects. The other day i was with my work friend at her place. She lives with this guy called Jehan who always has a woman in his room and another mysterious girl who i’ve never met. So there we were drinking and talking about everything from fuck buddies to Maggi (which was the purpose of the meeting). Then her phone rings and there is this girl outside who joined us. She had with her a lot of interesting books such as LOTR that i liked. After pouring a drink and lighting a cigarette the conversation continued. I was blogging at the moment and then she looked and said “Do you blog?”. I replied with a lousy “Yeah”.
“Well, Im The missing Sandwich”
My reaction was; Wow this is a small kottu and i found the sandwich in it.

And to top it all of. All 3 people who were in that room with me are all bloggers.


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