The Office Life

So I started working at a top advertising agency as well god knows. I’m supposed to be in the Audio Visual department but imp copy writing more than anything. Working at an advertising agency is quite relaxed. There’s no dress code as such as long as you’re in longs, sleeves and shoes its all fine. Some people do wear the typical office wear of black pants, white shirt and tie but that’s all up to them.
There is a large variation of people here from the normal people you meet. Everyone here is artistic in one way or the other. The have good taste in life and are in short genuine, well that’s the people I know anyway.
The place?
It’s quite relaxed; the creativity department is jam packed with desks and computers compared to the AV department. In the middle is the “Meeting Circle” a circle shaped couch where people meet to brainstorm.

We have the office DJ who spins music for those around him. Requests are taken.

My boss or trainer of me is quite fun to work with seeing that she unloads the work and makes fun of me but still worries when I have to get home from her place at midnight.

We have the son of a minister working with us and he is one of the nicest people I know there. Not only is he fun and interesting to talk to we share a common passion. Comic Books. He was nice enough to bring me the DC comic book “Kingdom Come” to read in office while boss did her usual gibberish.

The wall is decorated with marker drawn cartoon characters from Batman to Asterik to Yoda. There is a so called Emergency Exit which leads to no exit. It should be changed to “Smoking Room” since that’s what everyone does there. If there is a fire we have no way to escape and most probably the fire started from the “Emergency Exit”.

Ravana also works here part time. He comes here at odd hours and always pulls brilliant ideas out of that smoky head of his.

In the Cooperate world casual sex is allowed. Yes you’re married and have two kids but it’s alright for you to bang that girl in the PR department. You like that guy? Invite him over get him drunk and fuck him. Then ignore him the next day at work. And then do it again the following night.

It’s such an amazing world. A world unique to its own. No wonder my sister warned me about it. But then she doesn’t like the icing on the cake. I like this world and I feel like I’m going to grow to like it even more.


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