No Strings

While watching VH1 the other day i realized that there are many bands whose guitarist or drummer or someone of the other is the main attraction of the band and not the lead singer itself or whoever leads the band. These musicians i find out stand out on their own.

The following are :

Slash – Lead Guitarist from popular rock band “Guns N Roses”.
I don’t normally focus on Axel F when hes on stage, fine hes screaming and singing and rolling around with his hair but theres something about Slash that makes the crowd just follow him around stage. With a unique style of the crazy hair and the top hat plus the full black clothing made him one smooth cat. In the video for November Rain he really steals the show when he walks out of the church and starts playing the guitar solo but thats not as good as his solo on top of the piano. He left Guns N Roses to form Velvet Revolver which he is also the lead guitarist. There is something mysterious about him that makes him stand on his own level of “cool”

Wes Borland – Lead Guitarist of Limp Bizkit a rap metal band that is currently disband. Wes like Slash has his own style. On stage he wears large amounts of face make up and black contact lenses along with full black clothing, leather preferably. His crazy moves on stage are quite the eye catcher not to mention his costume. His guitar talents are not as good as slash but its not really need in the band genre of music. He left Limp Bizkit to join another band.

Travis Barker – Drummer of Blink 182. People know this band after he joined. His Mohawk and tendency to drum bare bodied with his totally tattooed body showing really caught a few looks. His name is googled and you-tubed more than the other band members. He was playing the drums since he was 4 and that was all he wanted to do. He started playing for the school band squad and was kinda a band geek. When he finally did join a band called the ‘Aquabats’. While on tour with the original blink182 he was asked to fill in for their just fired drummer. He had to learn 20 sets in 2 hours which he did. Then he joined Blink182 and has been with them till they broke up. The break up was caused apparently by Tom calling him a session drummer. Now he produces, writes songs, drums and is on celebrity TV. He also owns LaSalle Records, Famous Stars and Stripes and Wahoo’s Fish Taco Restaurant.

These 3 are some well acclaimed musicians who’ve gotten quite far on their own and even if they haven’t they stood out in their band. Any more musicians? Tell me!


7 thoughts on “No Strings

  1. Haha don’t you mean Axl Rose? Axel F is the theme to Beverly Hills Cop and that crazy frog song 😛

  2. oh shit. i cant believe i missed that. or even worse put it. shows how much i like axel rose. hehe plus it was late when i wrote this.

  3. every band has got its freakshow or standoutish guy. System of a Down for instance and Kirk Hammet from the Met. hell man, even the local boys are getting in the game, i think i saw this long haired guitarist in Flashback! and tenny from Stigmata etc.

  4. yeah tenny i always notice tenny in stigmata. but nothing beats the lead singer of wagon park at onstage. the flag showing and that toy swinging. that was hilarious.

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