What the – ?

I realized that normal words are now taken into the category of slang. So many words now have double meanings when used as verbs. I came across this when watching ‘Chris Browns Super Sweet 18th Birthday!” One of the girls on it said “Wow this party is so dope!” my mother who was passing by thought that the people at the party were doing dope and if they’re doing dope it appears that im doing dope and so it took alot of explaining to calm my mother down.

Dope is a word used for marijuana which came from the ‘dopey’ feeling one gets after inhaling it. But since weed gives such a good feeling people have decided to apply it to everyday life and compare normal clean things to such a feeling (mentioned above) the girl who said the party was dope definitely looked like she’d had it.
Common examples : This party is dope; That car is dope; You look so dope; This dope is dope

Sick is another word i will never understand. Made popular probably by punk rockers and emo weirdos. This is definitely backwards because ‘sick’ is a negative feeling where one feels ‘sick’ or unhealthy. But nope people still use it to compliment and so take it.
Common examples : That ride is sick; That trick was sick; That guy is sick (well duh since he did puke all day and is in bed)

Sexy – The only word that makes sense but at times can be used wrongly. Sexy is used to describe beauty, women, and anything related to making that part in your brain go ting! When a person sees a nice pair of shoes he/she could say “hey that would look sexy on me” or if they say “wow you look sexy” those are acceptable examples, but quotes like “This burger was the sexiest thing ive eaten” that is just downright wrong. How can dead cow and cheese be “sexy?”
Common examples : You look sexy; that car is sexy; That sex was sexy.

Words nowadays are evolving. What was good is bad and what is bad is good. If someone calls you unhealthy embrace it thats probably the best compliment your gonna get. I fear for the future generation as always. They’re gonna have one sick life. As in sick sick.

So tell me what you think? Is this life dope?


2 thoughts on “What the – ?

  1. Haha I totally agree. I don’t understand the usage of ‘sick’. But using ‘sexy’ anywhere, anytime, is perfectly alright 😉
    I watched that particular episode of My Super Sweet 16 (18?) as well. Chris Brown is such an idiot. He lost major points on the hot scale the moment he started talking. And was it really necessary for him to accompany everything he said with those ‘gangsta’ hand gestures? Honestly.

  2. yes hes a nice boy but then he needs to represent his “hood” where ever that is.

    and of course sexy can be used anytme anywhere. sexy 😉

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