I was tagged by St Fallen to type 10 things that makes me happy. well here goes in no particular orde

1. Good Music : Anything that im in the mood for. It’ll make me happy and it will uplift whatever mood i have on me

2. Good Food : Good Food is appreciated anytime. Always makes me happy and also fills my stomach

3. Going out with Friends : I always like going with the right crowd somewhere where it is to eat or club with the right set of friends the night will be legendary.

4. Taking a good picture. Im very serious about my photography and it really makes me happy when i take a good picture that others appreciate

5. Gaming : Any game if im good at it or bad i enjoy it and it makes me happier if i win 🙂

6. Wikipedia : hmm something so popular its not on the dictionary. but i like to read up on anything from historic figures, to bands, to comic book characters

7. Writing : When ever i get the impulse to write i write and the end result always makes me happy

8. Talking : A good conversation with an interesting person is always welcome. If you bore me then ur not making me happy

9. Travelling : i love going to new places and witnessing culture

10. Being alone at the right time : Im able to release my thoughts and realize interesting facts. I think and i sort of “shuffle” through my memories and i find things ive forgotten or like to remember.


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