Video killed the Radio Star, Cable owned them all

After years and years of petitioning for cable we finally got it. Im not much of a TV fan i download and watch stuff online. But now my computer hard drive is full and i cant be pissed re formating it. So the story goes…

The cable people arrive on a Sunday and with it they bring the box of doom. After a lot of drilling and hammering they finally fixed it. On top of the TV it stood 75 channels jam packed into that little thing even tho i only watch around 8 channels. The first few days was normal nothing out of the ordinary then things started to change. I noticed that the family gatherings were in the TV room and not in the living room downstairs. No more after dinner talks in the living room, straight up to watch TV and maybe discuss something in between adds. If there were no adds dinner was missed or bought up. Bringing dinner up has been forbidden since the house was built but my parents are the ones doing it.

Im sure Cable TV was invented by a woman. It is a box and when “oned” it makes all men inefficient and couch potatoes. Cable has brainwashed my father, his favourite actress is “that blond girl from friends” meaning Jennifer Aniston and actor is Doctor House. My father has watched movies from Clue to The Break Up. He now skips meals and even doesnt panic when he runs out of cigarettes as long as a good movie is on. His favourite new singers are Nelly Furtado, The White Stripes and Knarles Barkley. He is also a follower of American Politics and Tennis matches. His favourite TV shoes are currently Friends, Seinfeld, Pimp my Ride, Gods of Guitar, Specials on Living, Dr House and others im not really sure about. Worlds most Amazing and Daring videos have made him look at both sides of the road twice before crossing.
Before TV was about putting it on and if anything is good just watch it. Now he reminds me when to watch TV!

Thats enough ranting about Cable TV im missing Seinfeld.


4 thoughts on “Video killed the Radio Star, Cable owned them all



    seriously ๐Ÿ˜
    House is awesome o.O

    btw you’ve been tagged…
    honour it ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. “Im sure Cable TV was invented by a woman.”
    Hmm…I resent that!

    Also, things are only addictive if you allow them to be… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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