What happend to cartoons?

While flicking through cartoon network on cable i realized that there was a minimum collection of “good” cartoons. Good cartoons are cartoons that are genuinely funny. Not stupid funny where you laugh at when the colorful characters trip and fall and hurt themselves. Some cartoons are newer versions of older good cartoons. The newer versions normally created to suit the “new generation of cartoon watchers” are a disgrace compared to the old versions. Most cartoons dont even have anymore airplay but can be found on the internet…rarely.
These are my favourite cartoons new and old which i find “good” :

Tom and Jerry – A timeless classic which still has a little airplay on Cartoon Network. but i guess thats because we like watching animals maim, crush, beat, near kill each other

X-Men – The original version not the evolution rubbish where some characters are actually younger than the original. Although i do watch it it has its limits and is cast under a great shadow

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – I cant remember the last time i watched an episode of this shell kicking series… in English. Its so old now and out of demand they have sold the tapes sadly to our local tv stations that dubbed them. In sinhala their Italian names are hilariously slandered their appetite for pizza, no sorry rotti still hasn’t changed.

Johnny Bravo – Hilarious guys the emphasis on sound and action is the topping on this macho sundae. If you know anyone who acts like this please contact me 🙂

Transformers – Not as cool as the movie but it was good until they changed it.

Speed Racer – The movie sucked. Cartoon show was good 🙂

Dragon Ball Z – Not much of a big fan but i find it quite interesting. The whole “team” thing and “fight to die” intrigues me

Yu-Gi-Oh – Warning only watch if interested in card game. Can easily grow out of it.

Silver Hawks – My first taste of space and its inhabitants. Although its light years ahead of us i will always remember the guy whos guitar solo knocked people out cold.

Thundercats – Awesome action, the bad guy was scary, good animation for its time, a 10!

Hey Arnold! – Nice story lines but it gets a bit laggy with the morals.

Pokemon – Its just fun to watch tho a bit old i still appear to find it fun to watch :S

These were all cartoons that i watch and will always remember. I worry for the current generation of cartoon watchers. They have to watch things such as SpongeBob who promotes gayness – hes single, lives in a pineapple under the sea, only female companion is a squirrel. With all of that adding up hes prohibited in several countries. Or Ben10 a human boy with a kick ass G-Shock watch that transforms him into cereal box gifts! sorry alien thingys. Lets not forget that sheep thing i come across every time i surf past Nickelodeon. I really dont see anything funny or even moral about a sheep, it probablys a digestion awareness based cartoon. Pogo i see is not a healthy channel as it promotes tv addiction at a young age as it shows only below 3 cartoons. The brand new scooby doo show has scarred the memory of scooby forever. The new scooby looks like a poorly drawn Snickers bar and shaggy looks like a unshaven drunk.

As days go by cartoons get worse and worse .I guess my kids will never know what real cartoons will be. Shame.
Now im off to tape whatever “good” cartoons that remain.


One thought on “What happend to cartoons?

  1. dude I grew up on Transformers!!!

    I still remember the theme song
    Transformers! More than meets the eye

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