Burger King

This is not exactly the original burger king you find in the states. This is the Slave Island Burger King that is run by 5 men. Yes it may be a cart but the food is amazing.
Founded in 2000 by a friend who had the idea of selling cheap good quality food to passers by. Located in the Slave Island Junction ( the one closest to Trans Asia). They started out with burgers and then moved onto making submarines and shawarma’s. A meal at burger king would cost you only around 200-300 Sri Lankan Rupees. There is always 1 man who manages the meat spikes of chicken and beef, another for the main cart, the boss handles the chips (why do bosses always handle the chips?) and the last man takes the orders of parked cars and those who are sitting on the plastic chairs.
Prices : Shawarma’s – Rs 120- 30, Burgers -90, Subs Rs 145 (and they are huge) other stuff like Hot Dogs and Mini Subs can also be found
A Beef Shawarma a must and also the fried chicken chili shawarma.


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