Smoking Love

A guy once asked a girl : Do you Smoke?
Yes i do
How many a day?
Well, whatever you smoke, ill smoke half of it.
What? Why?
Since i smoke half the pain is divided between the two of us. The more we live together the longer each of us live and the more chances we have of dying together.


2 thoughts on “Smoking Love

  1. First to comment!
    I’ve been missing the writing 🙂
    I like this
    Not sure if I want to know who the guy and girl are
    Probably just your imagination

    Keep them coming 😀
    *Adds RSS feed*

  2. “And if I have to I’ll read your books ’cause they’ll remind me of you
    And I’ll learn your notes so that I have a clue
    And I’ll watch your films so I’ll know them through and through
    And I’ll do the things that remind me of you
    And I’ll wash my hair in your shampoo
    And I’ll buy your perfume and spray it round my room
    And I’ll smoke your cigarettes so that I die too”
    -The Kooks, Fa La La

    Aren’t these sweet lyrics? The last line reminded me of your post

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